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Co-founder, employee, vendor or customer disputes?

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Introducing Deal Mediation and Problem Solving

Deal negotiations reach impasse for all types of reasons.  Mediation is a process whereby an impartial third party — a mediator — helps the parties reach an agreement.  The goal of Deal Mediation is to overcome the impasse and get the relationship started (or to continue an existing one). Mediation seeks win-win outcomes where the interests of all parties are met.  Mediation is a cost-effective and forward-looking process.

The Deal Mediators are experienced and sought-after business mediators and conflict coaches who can help you strive to greater heights.  Start ups, growing companies and companies in need of a turnaround face all types of challenges:

  • Funding issues (Founders, Funders, Principals, Venture Capital, Angel Investors, Bankers)
  • Technical issues
  • Vendor issues (Pricing, Terms, Quality)
  • Management issues (harmony among partners/co-founders)
  • Teamwork (everyone not on the same page)
  • Workplace (employee-employer, employee-employee) issues
  • Customer disputes
  • Regulatory issues
  • Internal controls

We can help you manage organizational and business risk.

Why The Deal Mediators?

  • Experienced mediators, negotiators, arbitrators and conflict coaches
  • Spent many years in the real business world
  • Technical backgrounds to understand your dispute and "speak your language"
  • Understanding of the law
  • Proven results

Why Mediation?

  • Confidential
  • Seeks win-win outcome
  • Less expensive
  • Maintain or repair relationships
  • Quicker resolutions
  • Higher user satisfaction

Additional Services

The Deal Mediators are dispute resolution professionals and as such offer additional services beyond mediation including:


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