Conflict Coaching and Strategy

A deal has fallen apart.  Negotiations have broken down.  Now what?

The parties have many options, but often do not know which one to choose.  A conflict coach can help with this situation.  The Deal Mediators have vast experience in helping parties negotiate and assess their positions.  We have seen numerous disputes and lawsuits and know when proceeding on a course of action will likely be profitable or fall on deaf ears.  Moreover, we have members who are experienced certified business/life coaches as recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Every action has a consequence.  Every action is a signal to the other side.  Every action shows intent.  Are you sending the right signals to achieve what you are trying to accomplish?  Are you proceeding in a way which may make sense to you, but may be misread by the other side or fails to address one of their main concerns?  Should you settle on something even though you might think you can achieve better results — but at a risk?  Are you unknowingly suffering from confirmation bias and other cognitive biases?

A conflict coach can help all parties reach the best possible scenario for their own interests while taking the possible “fragility” of the deal into account.

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Why The Deal Mediators?

  • Experienced mediators, negotiators, arbitrators and conflict coaches
  • Spent many years in the real business world
  • Technical backgrounds to understand your dispute and "speak your language"
  • Understanding of the law
  • Proven results

Why Mediation?

  • Confidential
  • Seeks win-win outcome
  • Less expensive
  • Maintain or repair relationships
  • Quicker resolutions
  • Higher user satisfaction