Negotiation Representation

We do not negotiate many things in American culture.  We walk into our favorite retailer (supermarket, department store) and the price is already on the item — take it or leave it.

And when we do have to negotiate something — such as buying a car or house — most people generally intensely dislike the process.  The dislike is so great, Saturn and many car dealerships have built a business model around “no-haggle” pricing.

If you are a person who dislikes negotiations, The Deal Mediators can help.  We can represent you in negotiating the terms of your deal (you will still need an attorney to advise and represent you on legal items).

We have negotiated hundreds of deals and have the requisite experience to help you negotiate your deal.  We can advise you on aspects of the negotiation as well as be the face of your company (or of you) as your representative or agent in the negotiation itself.

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Why The Deal Mediators?

  • Experienced mediators, negotiators, arbitrators and conflict coaches
  • Spent many years in the real business world
  • Technical backgrounds to understand your dispute and "speak your language"
  • Understanding of the law
  • Proven results

Why Mediation?

  • Confidential
  • Seeks win-win outcome
  • Less expensive
  • Maintain or repair relationships
  • Quicker resolutions
  • Higher user satisfaction