How often does management of a company set goals for their organization and then fail to meet them?  Is resistance to change a common problem?  Why?  Do these problems share commonalities with disputes in general?

Facilitation helps groups within a company or across companies achieve the goals established by senior management.

The facilitator is:

  • A person who enables groups and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate and achieve synergy.
  • An impartial party who by not taking sides or expressing or advocating a point of view during the meeting, can advocate for fair, open, and inclusive procedures to accomplish the group’s work.
  • A person who helps the parties tasked with achieving a goal understand the source(s) of resistance, break down barriers between groups and improve communications.

Facilitation skills are similar to those of mediation but applied differently.

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Why The Deal Mediators?

  • Experienced mediators, negotiators, arbitrators and conflict coaches
  • Spent many years in the real business world
  • Technical backgrounds to understand your dispute and "speak your language"
  • Understanding of the law
  • Proven results

Why Mediation?

  • Confidential
  • Seeks win-win outcome
  • Less expensive
  • Maintain or repair relationships
  • Quicker resolutions
  • Higher user satisfaction